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Smart Hotel Solution 







An average hotel has only approximately 14 minutes Face-Time contact with

the guest, from reception to breakfast to check out. What if you could multiplyhotel this direct interactive contact with the guest many times. Guests can access over the hotel TV or their own Smart device their new interactive Hotel service, liveTV or room service whether at the pool or at the spa. Allow your guests to google or buy directly any service or product that you want! Everywhere and at all times and that fully automated! Become Google of the hotel industry, guest and localization data at all times. We reduce costs associated with bureaucracy and administration through automation. So that you can give back the saved resources to your guests in the form of personalized service. That is what we would like to do! In the end, it is up to you, if you want to be a simple budget hotel or a modern hotel nowadays. Which offers the highest comfort and service for reasonable prices. Please see our featured 4 Start hotel project in Indonesia.






Smart Office Solution 


The key to effective, intelligent information display, room and workplace management. We are integrating all services, applications and end systems within one Communication network and are delivering a homogeneous IP-Multi-Play solution. We offer to our valued customers technical consulting for the deployment of IP-technology in new fields of application and in combination with innovative communication protocols. Our room and workplace management system is your organization of flexible work places at your office. It can straighten and enhance work flow, integrate third party systems via open interfaces as Digital Signage, IP-Telephony and RFID-Systems.   Our intelligent, Internet-enabled solutions make your life and work easier – today and in the futureU-System for the flexible administration and reservation of workstations, rooms and resources (fixed, mobile, service provider and active components). Integrated user, permissions and role management fully web-based (administration and use). Secured by integrated RFID Access Control System with or without displays & touch-screens. Online control interfaces to the access control system, the smart building system, the orientation and control system and the media technology. Open communications interfaces to third-party systems (authentication, telephony, eg.).



Smart Home Solution 


The first modular Smart home Solution – it is a real innovation! This Building Operating System is completely modular, easy to setup, ready for plug and play not only in new environments, but also in existing buildings. We have interfacesto all back-end solutions (Energy-systems, D-TV Networks, Television IPTV Systems, VoD Services, Music Streaming Services, Games and much more). We offer a transcending high-tech experience in your own home. Personal content and full room control, at your fingertips and now even with voice control. Say: Let there be light“and it will become true! Until now, we have done many perfect smart home project, such as the Malaysia big villa project




Nursing Home Solution 

U-System nursing home think that security is the first element of family life, especially for the elderly, the effective protection of the safety of their children are most concerned about.  In addition to the common video surveillance can always observe the living conditions of the elderly, fingerprint door lock function of the access control system so that the elderly go out not afraid to forget the key. More emergency  button, gas  alarm sensor and turn off the gas valve device for keep the elderly life safety.

In daily life, due to the special nature of the elderly population, often have some personalized needs. So U-Finder will make U-System more flexible and could be customized for different people and different place.